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Safe For Pets and Kids Too

At MAGIC CLEAN we definitely know how to remove those pet odors, leaving your carpet and home clean and fresh smelling. The first step in removing pet odor is to identify the offending areas. This seems like an obviously easy step, but over simplifying this step is what often leads to pet odor being left behind after treatment. Some pet spots are visible to the naked eye, making them easy to identify. But for those that are not we use black light technology as well as probe sensors designed to detect the pet urine that causes the odor.

Once we properly identify the areas we mark them and begin treating them. we use commercial strength Odor Enzymes that are very effective for removing the pet odor at it's source. We use these pet odor Enzymes to penetrate the carpet fibers, backing and padding to get to the source of the odor.  Once the Odor Enzymes have done their job we then use our high powered truck mounted equipment to remove the enzyme, the moisture and the pet odor from your carpet. As our final step we place Magic Pods in the affected area to expedite drying time. And now your carpet is clean and safe for your pets and your family alike.  To have this type of professional pet odor removal done in your home, call MAGIC CLEAN and experience the MAGIC CLEAN difference.


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When it comes to professional pet odor removal choosing the right company with the proper equipment and training is crucial. Choosing the wrong company when it comes to pet odor removal can result in a waste of time and money and in some cases the problem can be made even worse. turning a pet odor problem into a possible mold problem.

As any pet owner can tell you "we love our pets". they actually become part of the family. But even well trained house pets can have an accident now and then. And if not treated properly these accidents can leave embarrassing odors that if not treated properly can linger permanently.  That's when you need professional pet odor removal in Marietta, Ga. ,Woodstock, Ga. , Alpharetta, Ga. Or Roswell, Ga.

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