At MAGIC CLEAN we provide high quality cleaning services and our Janitorial and Maid service is no exception. We provide daily and scheduled cleanings to both Janitorial and Maid Service customers. Our customers tend to be upscale clients who appreciate

thorough cleanings and want to have their facility looking it's absolute best. They understand the impact a clean workplace has on

their clients as well as the impact it has on employee morale. 

We clean a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Dental Offices and Labs
  • Medical Offices
  • Banks
  • Law Offices
  • Schools
  • Auto Dealerships
  • And Many More...

Call us with your specific cleaning needs.

We understand the importance of doing the job right the first time every time.

We create customized checklists for each facility to ensure not even the smallest of details is missed. With Magic Clean you will

always have a well trained crew in your facility during the day or after hours and there's always a supervisor on location working

hand and hand with our techs to insure our work exceeds your expectations.

In our cleaning process we use color coded micro fiber technology to insure no chance of cross contamination. Micro Fiber cloths

used in kitchens or customer contact areas are always kept separate from those that may be used in restrooms.

We use top quality hospital grade cleaners to insure we remove germs and bacteria minimizing the transfer of germs that cause

cold coughs or flu. meaning less missed work days for your employees. We provide expert anitorial Service Alpharetta, Ga. 

Roswell, GA. , Woodstoc , Ga. and Marietta, Ga.

So when you want your home or work place to look it's absolute best, call MAGIC CLEAN, and see the difference !

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