q : 

      how often should i have my carpet cleaned ?

A :  

     The answer to this question varies , it depends on a number of factors. Most manufacturers

recommend cleaning at least every 12 - 18 months, but if you have pets or smokers in your home

or you live in a dusty environment you may want to consider cleaning more often.

Q :

      I've tried everything but I cant' get rid of pet odor caused by urine. Can you help ?


      Home remedies and over the counter cleaners don't have the ability to do the job properly. We

use the very best enzyme solution to treat the surface and if necessary the backing and padding of

your carpet. More time than not if it's a repeated problem that's where it exists. After we treat you

carpet we use our High Powered Truck mounts and a water claw to extract the urine from the backing, padding and carpet.

Q :

      Do you move furniture ?


     Yes. We move furniture such as tables chairs sofas etc. We don't move objects like china cabinets entertainment centers Large beds. Please let you technician know what you would like moved. We

come prepared with two person crews to take care of it for you.


       My carpet was cleaned and it looked great , but a few days later all of the spots came back.

       Why Did that happen ?

A :

        This is a common problem when you use improper techniques to clean carpet. The tech did not

use the proper cleaning solution to remove the spots and ended up trying to use excessive amounts

of water to wash the spots away. Actually that just forces the spots into the backing of your carpet

and as it dried the spot Wicked Back coming back to the surface. Our professionals always have the

proper cleaning solution and the proper knowledge require to get the job done right.


     Do you have a guarantee ?

A :

     Yes we do have a guarantee. At Magic Clean we don't rush in and rush out when cleaning your

place. We book enough time to complete the job and we won't leave until you're satisfied. In the

unlikely event that a problem arises after we leave , just give us a call and we will return to to fix

any issue.