professional Tile and grout cleaning

First we prep the tile to be cleaned by pre treating and deep scrubbing the grout lines wall to wall. Using our high powered truck mount system with a special attachment designed for tile and grout cleaning only, we power wash your tile at 1100 psi deep cleaning the tile and grout restoring it as close to it's original appearance as possible. Our system employs powerful suction removing all of the water used in the tile cleaning process with each pass. Leaving you tile only slightly damp, as if it had been mopped.

After we complete the cleaning our technician can protect your grout with a sealer helping to keep them cleaner and easier to maintain. ask you tech about this floor sealer today. This process is designed to clean all tiled surfaces not just floors. So no matter where you may have tile, counter tops, showers, wall or floors we can get them clean.

Don't let the dull and dingy look of your tile continue to be a sore subject .

Call Magic Clean and let us Zap your tile clean. Expert Tile  and Grout Cleaning Roswell, Ga. , Alpharetta, Ga. , Woodstock, Ga. Marietta, Ga.

Professional hardwood cleaning and maintenance

Hardwood floors become dull and lifeless over time just like carpet, which is professionally cleaned to extend the life.

Our intensive cleaning process is the answer to breath new life into your hardwood floors. Until now the best choice for maintaining hardwood floors was using a damp mop to move dirt, dust and grime around your floors. 

Magic Clean uses professional hardwood cleaning equipment made popular 30 years ago, used to clean bowling alleys. The system has been streamlined and modernized for use in residential hardwood floor maintenance there's never been a better way to clean hardwood floors. Magic Clean's deep cleaning process safely and effectively removes the toughest dirt and residue leaving you floors dry and ready to use. 

We can also follow up our cleaning system with a new finish. leaving your floors looking as close to new as possible without the sanding and dusty mess of traditional refinishing. If you want to see a drastic improvement  in the appearance of your hardwood floors and restore their original luster, Give Magic Clean a call and see this system in action in your home or office today. Expert Hardwood floor cleaning Woodstock Ga.,  Roswell Ga., Alpharetta Ga., Marietta Ga.


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