Carpet Cleaning that is thorough, DRIES QUICKLY, and stays CLEANER longer or we'll re clean it absolutely FREE !!


At MAGIC CLEAN we use High Powered Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment in our 8 Step DEEP CARPET CLEANING PROCESS. This allows us to leave your carpet, cleaner and drier, coupled with our 8 Step Process we can also leave your carpet residue free. We only use cleaning solutions that are safe for people and pets alike. 

Serving Atlanta Since 1991 our carpet cleaning technicians are well trained professionals with knowledge in all aspects of carpet cleaning and restoration. 

Each technician must pass our rigorous screening before we would even consider hiring them. We would never send someone to your home that we wouldn't invite into our own.

At MAGIC CLEAN we treat your home as if it were our own. Your carpet will look better than it has in years ! Carpet cleaners come and go with their rush in rush out cleaning techniques. We won't leave until you're  satisfied, that's the MAGIC CLEAN


let us beautify your home or office

Finally Drier cleaner carpet

With No Reappearing Stains

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Try our 8 step process

1. Customer Walk Through

2. Move Light Furniture

3. Pretreat Wall to Wall

4. Agitate High Traffic Areas

5. Clean Water Rinse Carpets

6. Place Magic Dri Pods

7. Replace Furniture With Tabs

8. Final Customer Walk Through

We Won't Leave Until You're Satisfied

Hands Down we're atlanta's best carpet cleaner
Don't let an amateur using inferior equipment ruin your carpet

Carpet Cleaning

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