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We're a family-owned and operated business, always have been, always will be Delivering carpet cleaning services since 1991.  We've made cleaning of every variety from residences to industrial sites our life's work. Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you.770-591-3296

At Magic Clean we truly believe in doing the job right the first time every time. We use only the highest quality cleaning equipment coupled with the very best cleaning techniques to make sure your home or office is cleaned the right way, "The Magic Clean" way.

Our technicians have been providing outstanding carpet cleaning services in Atlanta since 1991. We train each carpet cleaning tech in every aspect of cleaning and restoration,  making our techs fully capable of handling all of your cleaning needs.

In our deep carpet cleaning process we use high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machines as a part of our 8 step cleaning process. This ensures the very best results possible with hot water extraction.

In our dry carpet cleaning process we use the very best organic cleaning compound to ensure that your carpet is clean and dry before we leave your home or office.

No matter which method of cleaning you choose If your looking for Carpet Cleaning Woodstock, Ga. , Carpet Cleaning Roswell, Ga. Carpet Cleaning Marietta, Ga. or Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta, Ga. we guarantee your satisfaction.

Carpet cleaners come and go with their rush in rush out cleaning methods. But at MAGIC CLEAN we treat your home or office as if it were our own. We won't leave until you're satisfied, that's the...


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Whether you have leather, haitian cotton or polyurethane we have the experience to handle the most delicate fabrics. There are many methods used in the cleaning of your upholstery don't trust yours with the wrong company. When quality counts you can count on us.  

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